FRANK LEONE: Vox & Guitar



Gengis Khan are an Italian Heavy Metal band formed in 2012.

Their music is a mix of Hard Rock, 80's Metal, Speed Metal with a little

Glam Metal's touch.

Nasty Tendency's former members Frank Leone and Maurizio Leone,

after two records published worldwide by Mygraveyard production and

several tours with LA Guns (with TRACII GUNS, GUNS 'N' ROSES co-

creator with AXL ROSE) and Blaze Bayley(EX-IRON MAIDEN Singer 1993-

1999) all over Europe, created a new project like a sort of legacy after

NT's split up.

In the summer of 2012 they recorded their first album called "Gengis

Khan was a Rocker" published in April 2013 by the German Label MDD

Records. Before the official release the band published a video of the

first single included in their first creature ("She's Got The Power").

In December of 2012 the band started a North European tour playing in

Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Czech Republic. In March they got into

their second European tour, playing in the biggest UK's cities.

Another brief tour in Lithuania followed in may 2013.

They're actually working on their second album.

The first single is already out and you can check it here: